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Price For Website?

Price for a website is starting from 10,450rs/- or  140Usd Dollar


Is domain Hosting Included?

Yes shared hosting is included for our all client with domain free but in case of personal hosting/cpanel account our client have to buy personally one.. We can suggest some good hosting plan “Text Us


Attention! In most of web design case client needs personal hosting account/cpanel and in that case we request our client to buy your personal hosting account and provide us. In our case we use shared hosting with 6gb ram blazing fast speed.

Price For Thumbnail:
The price depends on the client work & expectations, the complexity of the work and the frequency of orders. You can find out the current price by writing to me in WhatsApp or by Email. You can also fill out the contact form on the site and I will answer you within a day.

Will the thumbnails be suitable for my channel?
I can design thumbnails for 90% of the channels on YouTube. Send me a link to your channel to see if I can design a thumbnail for you. What channels I am working with: DYI channels, children’s channels, gaming channels, business channels, technology channels, reviews and unpacking channels, music channels, vlog channels, family channels, car channels, and so on…


What formats of thumbnails do you create?

  • Strict format – strict texts and elements. This type of thumbnail is suitable for a business audience

  • Realistic format – the composition is created from 2-4 images, and some elements may be of different sizes to emphasize it for your audience.

  • Bright format – bright colors are used in a composition and there is a light contour that outlines people and objects. This format is intended to attract attention

  • Clickbait format – I add eye-catching elements that may not be in the video or try to intrigue the audience (the main thing is not to mislead the audience)

  • Children’s format – bright elements, children’s soft fonts, special color palette

  • DYI format – bright unusual elements made in Photoshop, the emphasis is entirely on objects

  • Gaming format – 2-8 screenshots from the game or the Internet are used as a composition. The text can be either 3D or 2D

Is it possible to sign a contract?
It is possible to sign a contract only for cooperation for more than 1 month and up to 5 years with further prolongation. To do this, you need to create a contract and send it to me for further consideration.


Price For Video Editing?

Price for a Video Editing is starting from 9,650rs/- or  130Usd Dollar


Production time for the video thumbnails is from 1 day to 2-3 days. Since I spend two to five hours per thumbnail, I can process up to 2-4 orders per day.

Working steps:
1. I receive a technical task from you
2. We agree on all elements of the thumbnail, video editing, graphic designing or photo editing
3. I am starting to make a thumbnail, video editing, graphic designing or photo editing
4. For complex compositions, I create several layouts of the thumbnail, video editing, graphic designing or photo editing
5. I send you a thumbnail, video edited, graphic designed or photo edited
6. You accept the thumbnail, video edited, graphic designed or photo edited or send me a detailed technical task for the fixes that are required. Often, my clients do not wish to fix anything, because they write detailed technical task sheets
6.1. I do all the corrections if there are any
6.2. You receive the work. If you have a desire to add or correct something else, you write to me.
6.3. We agree on additional payments for additional corrections that you have not included in the first place or for additional details
6.4. Final acceptance of the thumbnail, video edited, graphic designed or photo edited
7. Payment for the order (in some cases I can take a prepayment of 50%)
8. If you refuse to pay for your order, you do not have the right to place my thumbnails on your channel

Payment is made through Googlepay & PayPal if you have a personal account (noncommercial) or through Razor pay, Cashfree (I issue an electronic invoice, which can be paid by any bank card). Sometimes there are problems with international payments, but I always find a convenient way to pay for orders.

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